Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix) by Aqua just started playing on shuffle.

Apparently the dredges of my itunes are indeed accessible, despite what my shuffle experience has made me think otherwise. I didn’t even know I had this song. I’m currently reminded of my life from 8th to 11th grade, and it’s an ambiguous experience, marred with terror, positive memories of DDR, and shame at my younger self. 

It’s not even a GOOD song. I’m sure it’s going to be stuck in my head for the next few days.

10:35 pm  •  1 September 2014

I find the name Theresa beautiful and deeply appealing, and I have to remind myself that it is my given name and I feel an odd, trivial, but no less great sense of pride and relief that it’s my name.

I’m so used to being referred to as “Tracey”, despite not having consistently used that name since High School. It’s almost a nice surprise when I “remember” my legal name.

9:38 pm  •  1 September 2014  •  1 note
I resent my art instructor…

The first foray into one of many artistic fields and practises in my new art class is focused upon the exploration of shade and minute to overt changes in lighting. Very little emphasis is placed on linework. Unfortunately, I’m totally reliant upon lines and accustomed to starting all of my work with a line base. Lines are grounding and I can produce something sufficient and convincingly shaded, even if I begin by appearing as if I only use lines. Don’t give me your nonsensical and totally subjective drivel about how you mean to dissuade me from using lines. This is my stimulant, my basis of order, the beginning of most of artistic practise. I will use lines to my advantage to even create something not line based. 

Shut your garrulous mouth you sniveling, entrenched-in-your-own-experience, outspoken, desperately artistic type. 

…But know that I totally respect your experience, your comfort and expertise in your field, and your (only occasionally useful) oversight. I just don’t want your insipid comments that are probably only based on your own discomfort and struggles with delineating different techniques and distancing yourself from one in particular. You may have trouble and must remove yourself form a technique entirely so that you may comfortably explore an alternative. I know how to assess a technique and realise how I can use it’s apparent opposite to achieve the desired result.

Leave me to my work.

8:11 pm  •  1 September 2014  •  2 notes